Director - Ride & Shows Engineering

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Posted 2024/02/29 10:41:28 Expires 2024-04-29 Ref: JB1100045542

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The Director, Ride & Show Engineering will ensure the alignment of Parks and Attractions Assets engineering and maintenance plans to ensure the highest levels of safety and compliance with international standards. They will develop incident management framework including reporting, investigation, reporting, trend analysis and preventative planning. They will ensure that third party operators' processes, preventative maintenance programs, training programs, and training materials are aligned with the operating agreements and Qiddiya internal standards. They ensure guest experience is safe, secure and in compliance with all local regulations.



- Execute an efficient auditing program to validate maintenance procedures against changes with relevant laws, rules and regulations, and applicable standards, while delivering efficient and top-quality service support to Parks and Attractions division.  

- Validate all department initiatives within the asset Technical Services and Engineering including ride and show maintenance, facility and utility maintenance, horticulture, scenic paint and decoration, sustaining engineering and project engineering.

- Supporting the entire Parks and Attractions division and the corresponding teams of QIC ensuring that all outputs comply with relevant regulations, industry standards, and international policies.  

- Approve risk assessments for temporary engineering solutions and any temporary activity outside of standard operating / maintenance procedures.

- Provide recurring reports to the relevant Parks and Attractions teams for statistical study and analysis representing QPO in order to enhance overall engineering performance of the division and assets.

- Work closely with original equipment manufacturers, QDC partners and asset operator's specialist for critical repairs, capital enhancement, and new projects.

- Serve as conduit between QIC and Parks and Attractions asset teams to ensure coordination upstream utilities and macro infrastructure planning

- Validate emergency response planning for assets, zones, attractions and rides.

- Participate in planning and execution of regular joint-force emergency response drills and tabletop exercises.




- Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering or other related fields.

- 12 years of experience in a theme park, resort or related industries.


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Job Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Engineering

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Career Level Director/Head

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